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Thank you for visiting our website. To improve your experience, we have written these terms and conditions (herinafter “Terms of Use”) as transparent as possible.

Access and usage by users (herinafter “Users” or “User) of the website www.riemser-iberia.com (herinafter “Website”), property of RIEMSER Iberia S.L. (hereinafter “RIEMSER Iberia”), is subject to these Terms of Use in combination with any complementing lega documents.

Accessing the website and using any of its services implies the explicit and complete acceptance of these Terms of Use an complementing legal texts, including any particular conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. If the user does not agree with all or part of these Terms of Use, they must refrain from using this website.

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Although this Website does not contain any information that is not suitable for minors, the user declares under their own responsibility that they are of legal age and have the legal capacity access the website. The user is financially responsible for everything they do.

By accessing the website, the user declares that all information provided by them is true and accurate without any limitations or exceptions and that their information is kept up to date.  The user is solely responsible for false or inaccurate statements.

RIEMSER Iberia reserves the right to modify or update these Terms of Use and other legal texts, as well as any information that may appear on the Website, at any time

1. Legal Information

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the owner of the Website is:


Calle Gabriel García Márquez 4.
Las Rozas, Madrid,
C.P. 28232, Madrid

For any consultation the User can contact RIEMSER Iberia S.L. via contacto@riemser-iberia.com.

2. Terms of Use

These Terms of Use regulate the usage of and access to the RIEMSER Iberia Website, offering users information, services and content via the web. Through the website, the user has access to information about our services, products, tools and applications, and various information that may be of interest to them.

Th information about services and features or other relevant data offered through the Website are collected, provided and updated by RIEMSER Iberia and by their suppliers. The information provided through the Website is indicative and not exhaustive, therefore its accuracy is not guaranteed.
RIEMSER Iberia is not, in any case, responsible for the accuracy any information from third parties and suppliers provided to users and made available through the Website.

The user agrees to make appropriate use of the content, services, applications and tools accessible through the Website in a way that is subject to valid law and these Terms of Use and, where appropriate, to the particular conditions that may be established for access to certain services and applications.

In the event of total or partial non-compliance by the user with these terms of use, RIEMSER Iberia reserves the right to deny access to the Website to the respective User without prior notice.

3. General Obligations of the User

The user declares to make correct use of the Website and its services and contents, without touching fundamental right and in accordance with current legislation, good faith, generally accepted use cases, public order, and the particular conditions of certain services.

Any use for unlawful purposes or any use that violates the rights of RIEMSER Iberia, its licensors, licensees or any third party is prohibited. Any use that in any way damages the normal operation of the Website or any computer equipment or documents of any kind contained therein is prohibited.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the User explicitly affirms to:

  • Not to carry out any action aimed at damaging, blocking, rendering useless or overloading (temporarily or definitively) the functionalities, tools, contents and/or infrastructure of the Website, in a way that could prevent its normal use.
  • Not to use any of the material available on this website for illegal purposes or purposes that are explicitly prohibited in these terms of use or any usage that is contrary to the rights and interests of RIEMSER Iberia, its users or third parties.
  • Not offer or distribute products or services or target any unsolicited advertising to other users for visitors of the RIEMSER Iberia website.
  • Not perform any action that in any way undermines the reputation of RIEMSER Iberia or third parties, or constitutes, where appropriate, illegal, misleading or unfair advertising, and generally unfair competition.
  • Not upload viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or prevent the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment of RIEMSER Iberia or third parties, or that may damage electronic documents and files stored on such equipment.

The User shall be liable for all damages of any nature that RIEMSER Iberia or any third party may suffer as a result of the breach of any obligations to which they are subject by virtue of these terms of use or the law in relation to access and/or use of the Website.

RIEMSER Iberia will take all measures within its power to prevent any action contrary to Spanish law and will cooperate with the competent authorities in identifying the parties responsible for actions that may involve violations of the laws in regards to this Website.

4.Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual and industrial property rights on the Website (including, but not limited to, text, data, images, videos, multimedia content, software, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, information, sound and/or image files, designs, source code, object code, distinctive signs, trademarks and databases, among others) are property of RIEMSER Iberia licensees.

In this sense, RIEMSER Iberia grants a non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, non-transferable license to Users to use the Website, its respective functionalities, its content and other available functions, which will be subject to the rest of the terms included in these terms of use, as well as any other applicable terms of use. The User is only authorized to view and obtain a temporary private copy of the content for their exclusive personal and private use on their computer (software and hardware), but is not authorized for subsequent transfer to third parties. With the above exceptions, the  user may not modify or reproduce, in part or in whole, nor distribute or communicate this information to the public, without the explicit written consent of RIEMSER Iberia.

Users acknowledge and accept that the usage of the Website does not imply the transmission of any intellectual or industrial property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, designs or other rights over the Website or any of its constituent elements, except for the limited use license granted to Users under the terms herein provided.

Therefore, the User is explicitly prohibited from reproducing, transmitting, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting, reusing, transforming, or exploiting in any way, by any means or procedure, the Website and/or its elements, except for those uses strictly necessary for the use of the Website and its functionalities, or authorized explicitly and in writing by RIEMSER Iberia.

5. Links.

The connections and links to third party websites have been established solely as a utility for the User. RIEMSER Iberia is not, in any case, responsible for such third party sites or pages or their content.

RIEMSER Iberia does not assume any responsibility derived from the existence of links between the content of this Website and content located outside it or any other mention of content external to this Website. Such links or mentions have an exclusively informative purpose and, in no case, imply support, approval, marketing or any relationship between RIEMSER Iberia and the persons or entities that author or manage third party website.

In order to link to this Website, the explicit written authorization of RIEMSER Iberia will be required and, if authorized, the following conditions must be respected:

  • Any link to the RIEMSER Iberia Website will be directed to the homepage or the section main pages.
  • The website on which the link is established shall not contain information or content that is illicit, contrary to morality, good customs or public order, nor shall it provide content that is contrary the rights of third parties.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement shall be included regarding this website or its services or content.
  • No deep links, image links or IFrames shall be established with the subpages of the RIEMSER Iberia Website without the prior explicit authorization of RIEMSER Iberia.
  • Except for those assets that are part of the link, the website on which the link is established shall not contain any brand, commercial name, denomination, logotype, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to RIEMSER Iberia, unless explicitly authorized by RIEMSER Iberia.

The establishment of a link does neither imply the existence of relations between RIEMSER Iberia and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, nor that RIEMSER Iberia has authorized the link or supervised, known, accepted or assumed the services and content offered on that portal.

6. Responsibility.

RIEMSER Iberia does not guarantee continuous access, nor the correct viewing, downloading or usage of files and information available on this website. Access may be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond RIEMSER Iberias influence (such as computer viruses).

RIEMSER Iberia does not assume any responsibility for damages, losses, claims or expenses caused by:

  • Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, delays, blockages or disconnections, caused by errors in telecommunications lines and networks or any other cause beyond the control of RIEMSER Iberia.
  • Illegitimate interference through the use of malicious programs of any kind and through any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any other malicious software.
  • Improper or inappropriate use of the Website.
  • Non-compliance with the users expectation in relation to the Website and/or its features or content.
  • The User obtaining or storing parts of website as well as any illicit or fraudulent use that is contrary to the presentterms of use, the good faith, generally accepted use cases or public order.
  • Security problems or navigation issues caused by the use of outdated browser software or a browser malfunction.

RIEMSER Iberia is not responsible and shall not be liable to users and third parties for acts of any third party other than RIEMSER Iberia that involves or may involve unfair competition, illegal advertising, infringement of intellectual property rights, business secrets, contractual commitments of any kind, personal privacy, property rights and all other rights belonging to a third party by reason of the transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, obtaining or access to content.

7. Protection of Personal Data

RIEMSER Iberia will protect the personal data of users and will use them only to the extent permitted by law. Users can find more information in this regard in the Privacy Policy.

8. Cookies Policy

Users can find more information in the Cookie Policy.

9. Notification of incidences and possible infringements

RIEMSER Iberia respects the rights of third parties and the applicable legislation. The User of the Website is obliged to do the same.

In the event of technical incidents on the Website or if any of the different sections contains errors, inaccuracies or conten contrary to legislation or the rights of third parties, the User may contact RIEMSER Iberia through contacto@riemser-iberia.com.

10. Legislation.

These terms of use and other legal texts will be governed in accordance to Spanish law. If the user is a consumer, these terms of use will also be subject to any applicable local legislation.

Any controversy or conflict that may arise from the interpretation or enforcement of these terms of use, will be submitted to the responsible courts of the city of Madrid, Spain, and in the case of a user acting as a consumer, to the courts of the users home location.

If any non essential clause or section of these terms of use, is declared invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining clauses will not be affected.